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"French is Weird" #04
Yesterday I had to explain "vachement". So let's talk about cows.


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A happy day. For the first time EVER I heard from a client that I should send everything in .odt format. He further stressed, 'send everything in Libre Office! Libre, Libre... you know, that's easier'. And then he emailed me an #odt file. \o/ #FreeSoftware #FreeFormats #foss #opendocument

Sometimes I find myself doing things I don’t want other people to be doing.

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Can someone please tell me how to make friends as an adult?

It feels a lot more challenging than it should be.

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RT @XplodingUnicorn@twitter.com
7-year-old: Do you have a podcast?

Me: Do you even know what a podcast is?

7: It's that thing where you talk to yourself and no one listens.

She knows exactly what a podcast is.

Now that both Miley Cyrus and Shania Twain have new albums out, I notice how similar their voices are.

I tried surfing IPv6 only for a while. It’s kind of scary how many websites don’t have IPv6 connectivity.
On the plus side: This way I don’t even need a content blocker to avoid being tracked.

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self-deprecating humor: a joke which asks its audience not to repeat it because it will be removed in the next release

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This is one of the really clever things that the CSS Grid enables
🔥 Since :before and :after are first class CSS Grid items, this “lines on either side” design can easily be accomplished in ~10 lines of CSS

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Gaming on Linux is a lot like being vegan. Both a moral stance and a way to live a healthier life.

Also, you miss out on a lot of good stuff and people look at you incredulously asking why you're doing this to yourself. #gameing

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A while ago I turned some of my #DoctorWho #fanart into #colouringPages and gave them away for free.

I've now made a 10 page printable PDF colouring book, featuring 16 characters including Ood, Cybermen, Daleks and K-9!

As long as you're not making money off these, they're free to download and use however you wish - just please give me credit and link back to the download page:


I'd love to see what people do with them 🙂

#colouring #coloring #colouringbook #coloringbook #coloringpages #doctorWhoFanArt #adultColouring #adultColoring

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boost this toot if yr grateful for animals

Here’s to mastodon filling the App.net-shaped hole in my…
Wait. Where do I have an App.net-shaped hole?

So I neglected my child this whole day in order to set up my mastodon instance. Yes, I’m a good parent…

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RT @PaulHRosenberg@twitter.com
"No one could have predicted..." except for all those cyberpunk authors in the 1980s, and everyone who read them. Plus folks who inspired them like PKD, etc. twitter.com/jseelybrown/status

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New social networks are disorienting and exciting. Toot toot!