Irgendwie scheint es mir, als hätten viele Medien im Vorfeld der die ganze Zeit von „Favoriten“ gefaselt nur damit sie danach laut „Überraschung“ schreien konnten…

Überall waren Passivsätze zu lesen/hören wie „wird als Favorit gehandelt“… Oder gab es handfeste Anzeichen für tatsächliche Favoriten?

“It demonstrates that Rust is fulfilling its intended purpose of preventing Android’s most common source of vulnerabilities.”

I’m not sure this really is Rust’s intended purpose…

Why does everyone instinctively know that the Dr in Mulholland Dr stands for “drive”? Wouldn’t a film titled Mulholland Doctor make the equal amount of sense?

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Wie's aussieht, wird Musk wohl nicht das nötige Kleingeld haben, um Meta jetzt auch noch zu kaufen. Schade. Ich hatte etwas Hoffnung, viele meiner früheren Bekannten bald hier wiederzusehen, die beim Zuck hängengeblieben sind. Naja, noch ist ja nicht aller Tage Abend.

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twitter migration, posting style 

A lot of the time it feels like walking on egg shells with all the unwritten rules that you're just supposed to absorb over time I guess? Also a lot of territorial behaviour with unclear borders.

And sometimes the vibe seems to be "shut up until you know how to behave".

It's a lot of social-convention guesswork which is just incredibly exhausting and anxiety-inducing as a neurodivergent person.

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Etwas passt hier nicht…

(womit ich nicht sagen will, dass HDR für Grautöne sinnlos ist aber evtl. sollte es anders beworben werden)

The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a pun

TFW you’re watching a trailer for a movie that you find a bit reactionary and you want to put that down in a comment but you read all the other comments first and they’re all like “yo, this movie is woke shit” and that makes you scrap your criticism and write a defense-praise piece instead…

> 58 years ago, Star Trek created its worst trope — now, one character is fixing it · Inverse

Didn’t the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Bound” already fix this trope by subverting it for the entire canon?

Today I learned that time crystal is actually a state of matter. Though the wikipedia article about makes no mention of Klingon monasteries required to attain it.

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Lana Del Ray - Norman Fucking Rockwell (2019)
Genre: Indie Pop
Rating: ★★★★☆
The only reason I bought this was because it was unopened and selling for $1.50. I was shocked to discover it was so good. Lana is a great storyteller. What's more, this album sounds fantastic—even if not consistently. It is overlong with some filler songs. However the good songs are monumental, especially that last song which is just devastating. Highly recommended!
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Joan Baez - From Every Stage (1976)
Genre: Folk
Rating: ★★★★☆
Joan Baez has lived a crazy eventful life. So understand, if she sings lots of Dylan songs, it's because it was her covers that made Dylan famous. But to fully appreciate Baez, you have to hear her live. And this is it, one of the best live folk albums I've ever heard. Baez has a full arsenal which she sings Dylan, Cohen, and Gurthrie—and kicks as doing it. My only complaint is that this is a long album, but this is a minor quibble.

I know the traveling salesman problem is NP-hard but I’m sure could have used a better algorithm than one that produces this.

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“And look for Web Push for iOS and iPadOS in 2023.“

That’s… at least something.

I’ve just tried using HTML image maps for the first time since the #’90s and found out that they don’t really work anymore with responsive designs and srcsets and whatnot since there’s no way to natively make them scale with the image…

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