Apple a few years ago: the future of television is apps.

Apple today: erm, sorry, we meant app, singular.

Time crystal is tied with transwarp for the most ridiculous treknobabble ever. At least the latter doesn’t sound like a B-movie cliché.

I want someone to build a computer that actually works like the one from Tron…

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An alle, die heute fürs Klima streiken und demonstrieren: Lasst euch nicht von den alten Säcken die Stimmung verderben. Ihr macht das völlig richtig. Und habt jedes Recht, euch für die Zukunft des Planeten einzusetzen. Danke, dass die euch nicht egal ist! #FridaysForFuture

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90s microsoft: gobernment, can we pwease bundwe our bwowser software wid our opewating system

us government: no fuck you we are suing your ass into the next century

2010s google: hey so we're gonna own a phone OS, the worlds most popular web browser, the browser rendering engine that everyone else except firefox uses, the worlds most popular search engine, and the worlds most popular email service, that cool?

us government: *looks up from playing pokemon* huh? what? oh yeah whatever dont care

Tired: Webpack: bundle your assets
Wired: Sixpack: bundle your asses

Tired: Webpack: bundle your styles
Wired: Bedpack: bundle your sheets

Hey Skype for Business. It’s nice that you tell me I’m sharing. But what would really be awesome is if you told me when I’m oversharing.

In EA’s FIFA soccer video game you can set up a match of a team against itself but you can’t let a women’s team play against a men’s team? WTF.

When buying children’s movies I wish you’d get what is standard for every other movie: the original language audio track.

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why not: null character separated values?

why not: actually using the control characters in ascii for something useful

Wait, no oscar nominations for Sorry to bother you? And into the spider-verse only in animation?

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It's almost 2019, and every application that wants to share stuff via "the cloud" must still implement support for each cloud provider separately, even though WebDAV has existed for over a decade.

In other words, "the cloud" is really just a lie told by people trying to trick you into handing over your precious files and locking yourself into their walled garden. If it ain't standards-based and interoperable, it's not "the" anything. It's "a" piece of shit.

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In this episode Kol implants their personality into another character's subconscious but also finds an unexpected love.

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I think it’s weird that blu-rays are almost always cheaper than all VoD options (except for renting), considering that they’re superior in almost every way except maybe delivery time.

Is this different in other countries?

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