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Aus taktischen Gründen will der Bund sehr relevante Fragen zu den technischen Standards der #eID erst per Verordnung regeln: Inter­operabilität, Haftungs­fragen oder das Sicherheits­niveau für verschiedene Anwendungen sind für die Stimmbevölkerung unklar.


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Hier sehen sie den IT-Experten des SWRs bei seiner täglichen Hacker-Arbeit!

Call me old-fashioned but when I subscribe to anyone or anything, I do so using feeds or not at all.

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Reminder that if you really want to censor something completely block it out of the image with solid color. Blurs and pixelation look nice but there will always be a chance of someone uncovering it.

Please don’t tell AliExpress that hoping someone’s happy is mostly used sarcastically.

So is testing support for HDR tone mapping: support.plex.tv/articles/hdr-t. That’s nice!
But I’ve been waiting for support for -MVC (e.g. for use with Plex VR) for much longer (and that’s much older technology).

Star Trek Discovery S03E04, light spoilers 

Forget Me Not was first ever Star Trek episode that scratched my Star Trek itch. And yet there were so many weird continuity mistakes I was left scratching my head. It seems like art department had all collectively watched DS9’s Equilibrium but the writers hadn’t. Or else they would have known that “nearly half [trill] population is capable of being joined”…

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@malteengeler Ging uns allen doch schon 2004 so, oder?

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Already seeing posts shaming third-party voters

Because of course the small percentage of people who voted against the dominant hegemony are to blame


@PorcusDivinus Ich hab zu dem Thema die Planet-Money-Folge npr.org/2020/10/16/924583724/o ziemlich informativ gefunden, auch wenn sich nicht alle Erkenntnisse aus den USA 1:1 übertragen lassen. Aber der Aspekt, dass halt Fernlernen auch seine versteckten Kosten hat die häufig ignoriert werden, ist nicht von der Hand zu weisen.

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Stop The Veggie Burger Ban - proveg.com/stop-the-veggie-bur this is Big Meat trying to stop the rise of more sustainable alternatives; don't do it, EU...

@aral When it says I’m 100% more beautiful than the Spice Girls, does it mean all of them combined?

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How normal are you?

Find out with this beautifully-executed and scary online experience:


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@polychrome @FiXato I think it was because HQX had no troubles getting through ASCII-only processing (like 7-bit email). HQX was the Base64 of its day. IIRC sit archives also preserved both resource and data forks.

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