@libreoffice Especially Base. I’d love a good general-purpose DB on iOS…

@libreoffice I don’t know about the android version but the iOS version is horrible. Keyboard support is abysmal, text selection doesn’t work like any other app on the platform. Doing basic operations is so non-intuitive that I’d rather use pen and paper (for me, that’s saying a lot).

@libreoffice Would love to use it on iOS, too, though…

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In this episode Subcommander T'Pol returns to Earth's past but actually finds hundreds of inhabitants.

Die RSS-Feeds von gehen seit einem Monat nicht mehr (zum Beispiel api.20min.ch/rss/view/439). Was mir jetzt auffällt ist, dass es mir erst jetzt auffällt. Offenbar vermiss ich nichts.

@Xyc0 Come to think of it, What You See Is What You Get, the buzzword of all the Rich-Text editors of the ’90s much more aptly applies to plain than any sort of rich text…

@Xyc0 You’re probably only using plain-text email, in which case: no hrefs, no pop-up.

Link warnings

One of my favourite features in . Not sure why other e-mail clients haven’t adopted this.

, for me, is about specific stories being metaphors applicable more generically, as exemplified by one of my favourite episodes of all time, The Drumhead: trektoday.com/content/2020/04/. That’s why Discovery and Picard both feel so shallow: their stories don’t stand for anything but themselves.

@chartier I’m not sure I understand the issue. The entire point of this app is to encourage serendipitous communication. If it turns out you only get abuse, just delete the app. Problem solved…

I hope I’ll never write sentences like “This is the full the targeted PID if a targeted PID is used.” It’s bad enough I have to read and make sense of them…

corona virus / shortage / chpol 

Der Themenbereich Geschlecht, beschäftigt mich seit meiner Kindheit enorm. Immerschon wollte ich irgendwann ein Buch darüber schreiben um meine Gedanken zu ordnen und um meine angestauten Thesen in die Welt zu entlassen. Nun, seit heute weiß ich, dass das alles nicht mehr nötig ist. Denn Nils Pickert hat dieses Buch für mich geschrieben. Es heisst und ist alles was ich mir je zu diesem Thema von der Seele schreiben wollte und noch so viel mehr. Absolute Leseempfehlung!

Well, they don’t need to match (in fact they do), they need to be valid credentials… Wording is everything.

@kaichen Wenn bloss die AfD auch so wirkungslos wäre wie Videoüberwachung…

It’s frightening how many people don’t grasp that if they don’t clean up their shit, it won’t magically do itself. It’s someone else that will do it. I mean I guess they would grasp it if they thought about it. Which means either they don’t think about it or they don’t care. I don’t know which of the two worries me the most.

When I close Microsoft Teams, my Windows BSODs

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