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If a senile programmer tells you they have memory issues you never know which kinds they are talking about…

If I ever visit Polynesia, I’m gonna play “The floor is Java”

To successfully phish corporate users, simply tell them at the end of the flow that this has been a phishing exercise and they should be more cautious next time but that they need not change their passwords this time since it was only a test…

I think sexymost is a much better word than sexiest

This has got to be one of the funniest yet most annoying bugs.

Infinite Night Shift
—Michael Tsai

“Austin Johnsen (via Ashley Bischoff): TIL that if you go North of the Arctic Circle in the summer and bring a MacBook with Night Shift set to be triggered by sunrise/sunset, the process will go into an infinite loop because the sun never sets...”

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An alle, die am 15. und 16.7. beim Amazon Prime Day mitmachen:

Bitte denkt daran, dass Ihr mit jedem einzelnen Kauf ein Unternehmen unterstützt, dass nicht nur sein Personal äußerst schlecht behandelt und bezahlt, sondern auch Retouren (Eure Rücksendungen) einfach vernichten lässt - tonnenweise vollkommen neuwertige Artikel und Geräte werden einfach weg geworfen, weil eine Vernichtung für Amazon billiger ist als eine Wiederverwertung!

Das schadet der Umwelt.

Ist ein "Schnäppchen" das wert?

You could phish so many people with the appropriately-named TLD .con

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Noch wer, der meint, dass einzelne Leute bestimmen sollten, was gut für alle ist und was blockiert werden sollte?

Ist das nicht genau der Faschismus der vermeintlich bekämpft werden soll?

Ganz ehrlich, wer Angst vor irgend nem gap oder sonst nem Netzwerk hat..

PR gab es damit schon mal genug 😂

The only downside of vinyl is no-one on knows you’re not dead.

Superman III is the greatest hacker movie ever made. Also probably the most realistic one.

TFW you launch an app and even before you do you know first thing it’s gonna do is download an update.

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I’d love to see but no cinemas show it.

Why is there the need for a distributor? Couldn’t a motivated small indie cinema just deal with the producer directly to get showing rights?

Array#poop: drops an unspecified number of items from the array. Should be used together with Stream#flush.

There is a scene in the new Aladdin movie where princess Jasmine explains to her father that she wants to become the next sultan and he mentions that that was unheard of.
I’m not sure kids nowadays understand that he means a woman being sultan (from the context it could just as well have been an unmarried person becoming sultan, or someone that young, etc.). Or if they do then only from movies whose plot is women doing things previously reserved for men.
Am I too optimistic?

I quite like music but could never add it to my music library because with its weird casing it’d just look wrong next to all other music…

For some reason git decided to switch the editor from vim to nano and I feel about as lost as other people do when using vim.

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please CW your side effect-posting, impure operations upset me

Most of the time I’m pretty happy with TypeScript. But there are days where it fails me. And when it does, it does so on multiple levels all at once.

I still can’t get over the fact that Mozilla copied Microsoft’s XMLHTTPRequest as XMLHttpRequest and didn’t notice (or care about) the inconsistent casing.

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