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that make it hard to distinguish ‘ from ’ and “ from “ are the worst. I’m looking at you, , .
Is there any way to restore the system font on macOS to (and to Helvetica on iOS)?

Nein, liebe , umgekehrt wird ein Schuh draus: wer hier was toleriert sind wir Fussgänger:innen, die die Autos tolerieren, deren Tote, deren Umweltbelastungen und das seit einem Jahrhundert! .

I refuse to watch another event until I can log it on .

Die oft vergessene 5. Formel des Kategorischen Imperativs: Verlasse das WC so, wie du es gerne antreffen möchtest.

Ever notice how Apple’s Website has subliminal messaging prompting us to watch TV?

“updated to work on modern operating systems” my ass. They’re all exclusive to Windows…

I always seem to be hitting every edge case that exists in . Not sure why. Likely because I always create projects from scratch instead of relying on frameworks and their CLIs.

Recently, I was contacted by ahead of an appointment at the “genius” bar. At the end of the conversation I asked where exactly the store was located and the rep was like: you can easily find it on Google Maps…

“Apple may be looking to make a less expensive big phone in 2022”

Whereas what I want from them is to make a more expensive (or at least more fully-featured) small phone…

Dear , please think of me for the next product line updates. I’d like:

• an iPhone Pro mini. In purple
• an Xserve M1
• a Wi-Fi 6 router
• a Mac Pro Cube
• macOS for iPad Pro
• modern HyperCard

Gibt es irgendein in der das vorhat bereits am Montag zu öffnen?

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Aus taktischen Gründen will der Bund sehr relevante Fragen zu den technischen Standards der #eID erst per Verordnung regeln: Inter­operabilität, Haftungs­fragen oder das Sicherheits­niveau für verschiedene Anwendungen sind für die Stimmbevölkerung unklar.

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Call me old-fashioned but when I subscribe to anyone or anything, I do so using feeds or not at all.

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