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At some point, decided to associate my with my kid’s account and has been sending me alerts about them travelling with me ever since. I have not been able to figure out how to switch them back.

Wieso wollen jetzt alle Aufrüstung? Aufrüstung ist doch genau, was die Welt in diesen Schlamassel geritten hat… Gibt es da etwas, was ich nicht verstehe?

Peter Capaldi giving us an early hint of what he would be playing next…

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Star Trek Discovery possible spoilers 

Star Trek in general, Discovery in particular, is FINALLY dealing with real first contact issues (more like the film Arrival) than they ever have in Trek. The real communication and language barriers that would exist.

Super thrilling.

Can't wait to see how it's going to end.

Thanks, , really useful changes. I have been waiting for code completion to stop appearing all my life.

Star Trek Discovery 

All of the new Star Trek shows suffer from this but Discovery is the worst. Picard irks me because of how badly they treated the legacies of beloved characters. The only show I’m really enjoying is Lower Decks. Kind of a sad state of affairs, considering I’m someone who likes all of Voyager and Enterprise, even the universally maligned episodes.

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Star Trek Discovery 

Keeping up with feels like a chore now more than ever. I feel like I would lose fan cred if I stopped watching. But I feel less like a fan with each episode. Discovery is so cluttered, both visually and thematically, that it just numbs me. There is nothing that stands out because it wants everything to stand out. There is nothing distinctive worth remembering so all I remember from previous episodes is a big mush.

That was easy™


I like the new fine but watching it I always had to think back to the version I like the most: the one with Cher playing all the parts.

Nach einer hitzigen Debatte und vielen Wortmeldungen entschied der Gemeinderat von Westgundingen nach einer überlangen Sitzung äusserst knapp mit 41 zu 40 Stimmen bei drei Enthaltungen, dem Attentäter von Langm einen Feldweg zu widmen.

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Great news everyone!

It's time for an #ONLYOFFICE Docs 7.0 giveaway.

Three people will get a free #ONLYOFFICE Docs Home Server with the new version. Just boost this message to participate.

We will announce randomly chosen winners on Friday, January 21.

Version 7.0 in our blog:

Wow, #Microsoft now acknowledges #OpenOffice… 

Not really, though.

that make it hard to distinguish ‘ from ’ and “ from “ are the worst. I’m looking at you, , .
Is there any way to restore the system font on macOS to (and to Helvetica on iOS)?

Nein, liebe , umgekehrt wird ein Schuh draus: wer hier was toleriert sind wir Fussgänger:innen, die die Autos tolerieren, deren Tote, deren Umweltbelastungen und das seit einem Jahrhundert! .

I refuse to watch another event until I can log it on .

Die oft vergessene 5. Formel des Kategorischen Imperativs: Verlasse das WC so, wie du es gerne antreffen möchtest.

Ever notice how Apple’s Website has subliminal messaging prompting us to watch TV?

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